Highquality farm implements such as Rotary Tiller/Rotovator Blades, SeedDrill Shovels, Reversible Cultivator/Tiller Shovels, Duck Foot Sweeps, M. B.Plough Blades and other equipments made available under one roof......


Farmmachinery sales appear on the rebound. Rotary tillers, cultivators,seed drills, ploughs and other equipment are in great demand. Increasedfarm income, lower interest rates, higher asset values, and lower farmdebt are contributing to renewed sales. Farm machinery is essentialtowards maintaining and increasing the productivity of agriculture.

About Us

Our Company has since 1999 catered effectively to the farmers with high quality farm implements. Star Agro Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Rotary Tiller/Rotovator Blades, Seed Drill Shovels,Reversible Cultivator/Tiller Shovels, Duck Foot Sweeps, M. B. PloughBlades, andother farm tools.

Oursuccess has been based on deep understanding of economic stimuli andcustomer needs, and the ability to translate them into customer-desiredofferings through leading edge Research and Development. The years tocome would see the introduction of several innovative products allrooted in emerging customer needs. We are member of the prestigiousKarnal Agricultural Implements Manufacturers Association (KAIMA) andThe Karnal HSIIDC Industries Welfare Association.

Product Range

StarAgro Industries is manufacturing and supplying a wide range ofagricultural implements. We are specialized in Shovels, Sweeps andBlades. Our product catalog comprises of the following:

  • Rotary Tiller/Rotovator Blades
  • Seed Drill Shovels
  • Duck Foot Sweeps
  • Reversible Cultivator/Tiller Shovels
  • M. B. Plough Blades
  • Point of Plough, etc.

Our Specialization: Star Series Agricultural Implements

We are a specialist in offering some of world class agricultural implements, including the following: 

  • Cultivator / Tiller Shovel (Star Series 100)
  • Rotivator / Blades (Star Series 400)
  • Duck Foot Sweeps / Blades (Star Series 200)
  • Export Quality Shovels / Blades (Star Series 500)
  • M.B. Plough Blades (Star Series 300)
  • Other Customized Shovels / Blades (Star Series 600)

Some of the salient features of our Star Series Products is entailed below: 

  • StarShovels and Blades are made of long lasting wear resistant steel. Fullyheat treated which gives you double life and is suitable for all kindof soil conditions.
  • Star Shovels and Blades come with self sharpening mechanism. Excellent design which result less load on tractors saves diesel.

Quality Assurance

Weare truly international in our quality with a breadth of experience andan unrivaled knowledge of farming and farm equipments. The rotarytiller/rotovator blades, seed drill shovels, reversible cultivator/tiller shovels,duck foot sweeps, m. b. plough blades produced by Star Agro Industriesoffer a huge power and maximum output for a diverse range of tasks.With a great range of additional options, our range ensures comfortableand effortless farming.                   

Highoutput, flexibility and comfort are the features associated with ourrange of farming equipment, which are available for a multitude ofcrops. Our implements offer straightforward, hassle-free cultivationwith high productivity and consistent durability, as well as a choiceof traditional or new designs.


Goodamount of investment is made on a regular basis to upgrade ourmanufacturing facility, which is backed by a highly-skilled workforcewhich ensures that every equipment is produced to the highest qualityso that it can function effectively for years. Star Agro Industries'strength is rooted in its long-held philosophy to provide customerswith much more than just a machine.

Ruggedness and longevityare a prime customer concern, as they directly impact earnings. Everconscious of this, a team of dedicated professionals makes extensiveuse of our comprehensive testing facility in order to ensure that thereis constant improvement in the life and performance of every productmade by our company. Through our highly trained dealer network, ourstrength at the national level has been translated into local serviceof the highest caliber. 

Cultivator Shovel (Inter)
Cultivator Shovel (Inter)
Seed Drill Shovels
Seed Drill Shovels
Cultivator Shovels
Cultivator Shovels
Duck Foot Sweep
Duck Foot Sweep
MB Plough Blade
MB Plough Blade
Rotary Tiller Blades
Rotary Tiller Blades

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